Activities of the program

  1. Periodic tutoring. (Compulsory activity)
  2. Mobility (stays at foreign centers and/or participation in congresses). (Optional activity)
  3. Evaluation and monitoring of the research plan and research work. (Compulsory activity)
  4. Information skills training. (Optional activity)
  5. Training in research methodology. (Optional activity)
  6. Training in innovation and creativity. (Optional activity)
  7. Training in language and communication skills. (Optional activity)
  8. Attendance at courses and seminars related to the thesis topic. (Optional activity)
  9. Attendance at workshops and meetings related to the thesis topic. (Optional activity)

Note: Activities 4), 5), 6), and 7) are optional training activities organized by the Doctorate School in the form of courses. They can be found at Cross-disciplinary training

The optional activities undertaken will be reviewed by the thesis director and must be reported in the Doctoral Student Activities Document (DAD).

The Academic Committee monitors the educational activities of doctoral students in the program each academic year. All activities should be included in the DAD.